ASUCD Open Government Campaigns

All of the information on this page and its subsequent links are taken from the Davis College Green Party website:

In the Spring of 2004, the Davis College Green Party started two related campaigns to make the ASUCD government more transparent and accessible. The first was in response to ASUCD's failure to post their government documents online, 10 months after a bill passed requiring them to do so. The second was in response to ASUCD's failure to release the ASUCD Election ballot data in accordance with the ASUCD Constitution. The Davis College Green Party was successful in both campaigns and the details can be found on this page. In addition to getting these documents and the ballot data online, the campaigns also pinpointed some problems of communication and accountability in ASUCD's structure that were partially addressed by ASUCD.

April 21, 2004 - ASUCD election data now public

The ASUCD Elections Committee is now releasing electronic ballot data for ASUCD elections. After each ASUCD Election, Creative Media posts the ballot data with the results on the ASUCD Elections website. This (1) lets the public verify the Choice Voting tally, and (2) lets the public better analyze Choice Voting's success in representing voters.

The Davis College Green Party requested the ballot data for the Fall 2003-2004 Senate, Winter 2003-2004 President, and Winter 2003-2004 Senate elections and began to post them in a directory on their website for the convenience of others. Obviously this website is now host to all of that information on the Elections page. You can go to the Programs for assistance in using the ballot data in various programs to count the ballots.

During the campaign the Davis College Green Party had a page on their website with details and arguments about the issue. That page has been archived here and provides several more links and much more information.

Here is the Aggie coverage of the campaign:

The efforts of the Davis College Green Party got ASUCD to follow its own Constitution and Government Codes. The DCGP members thanked several people after the success of the campaign. They were tremendously thankful to all the students, student officials, and student organizations that publicly supported the efforts and stood up for student rights.

They also thanked the ASUCD Elections Committee, the Commitee Chair Mary Ball, and Alex Park for finally releasing the data. They offered their thanks to the California Aggie for their supportive editorial at a key point in the campaign.

March 17, 2004 - ASUCD documents now online

Success!! Green Party efforts were successful in getting ASUCD to post their goverment documents online! They are now posted at---

After a 10 month lapse of inaction, ASUCD finally posted their documents online after a formal ASUCD court complaint was filed. The complaint was filed the week of March 8 by Jonathon Leathers and Mike Siminitus, President and Vice President of the Davis College Green Party. This makes the documents more accessible and saves hundreds of sheets of paper.

In May 2003, the ASUCD Senate passed a bill requiring ASUCD to post its documents online. The Green Party noticed ASUCD was not doing this even after nine months, so Greens filed an ASUCD complaint in March 2004. The Aggie wrote an article about the complaint: Davis College Greens file complaints against ASUCD.

This complaint caused Creative Media to work on an efficient way for SGAO to upload documents to the web on its own, ultimately leading Creative Media to make the ASUCD website accessible and editable by the appropriate individuals without the need for Creative Media to edit everything.

The Davis College Green Party thanked ASUCD's Creative Media for its work on this.