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Winter 2012 ASUCD Election

Joyce Han Independent 653
Paul Min Independent 604
Bradley Bottoms Independent 585
Donkeyonta Gilbert Independent 573
Dylan Schaefer Independent 277
Kabir Kapur Independent 271
Norman Borgonia SMART 257
Chucha Marquez SMART 208
Jaki Joanino SMART 199
Marcus King SMART 189
Beatriz Anguiano SMART 186
Desun Oka SMART 135
Patrick Devlin Independent 128
Colten Ellison Saunders Independent 70
Jonathan Soo Hoo Independent 61
Turnout Information
Total Valid Votes: 4396
Total Abstained Votes: 537
Total Voters (Turnout): 4933
President & Vice-President
Rebecca Sterling & Yena Bae Independent 2749
Bree Rombi & Amy Martin Independent 1794
Turnout Information
Total Valid Votes (Turnout): 4543
Total Abstained Votes: 390
Total Voters (Turnout): 4933


1Note: The Stove Top Report (provided by Creative Media) incorrectly lists Paul Min as a member of the SMART slate. He actually ran as an Independent. Correcting this error and counting him as an independent you get the following information:

  • Independents gained 73.3% of the first round votes and 83.3% of the Senate seats.
  • SMART gained 26.7% of first round votes and 16.7% of the Senate seats.

Beatriz Anguiano's election is a prime example of how Choice Voting ensures an accurate representation of the voters. Even though she placed 11th in first round votes and 5th among her own slate she managed to gain the transfer votes of voters who had initially cast their votes for her fellow slate members until she ultimately moved up to gain the 5th seat of the 6th available.

Additionally, if you look at Round 13 you can see that Norman Borgonia and Beatriz Anguiano (both SMART slate members) had enough collective votes to barely defeat Kabir Kapur and win the final two seats. If Beatriz and Norman had their collective votes in Round 13 split evenly they would each have had 478 votes to Kabir's 465 votes. This would have given SMART 26.7% of first round votes and 33.3% of the seats, a more proportional outcome than was actually the case. There were also 193 votes that went into the Exhausted pile from the elimination of the first four SMART members. If even one-third of those SMART voters had also ranked Norman Borgonia, he would have won the 6th seat instead of Kabir Kapur.