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Fall 2011 ASUCD Election

Justin Goss Independent 521
Yara Zokaie BOLD 471
Annamaria Kimball BOLD 447
Patrick Sheehan BOLD 399
Jared Crisologo-Smith BOLD 381
Erica Padgett BOLD 375
Charlie Colato BOLD 216
Turnout Information
Total Valid Votes: 2810
Total Abstained Votes:  
Total Voters (Turnout):  


Note: Here is the breakdown for how each voting bloc ended up being represented in the Senate:

  • BOLD gained 81.5% of first round votes and 83.3% of the Senate seats.
  • Independents gained 18.5% of the first round votes and 16.7% of the Senate seats.

Note: The threshold for this election was 402. The threshold is determined by valid votes (2810) divided by the number of open seats plus one (7) with that total (401) having one (1) added to it.
(2810 / 7 = 401 + 1 = 402)

Note: Yara Zokaie graduated from UC Davis in June 2012 and was thus forced to resign her Senate seat. Charlie Colato also graduated so there was no possibility for a Countback election since he was the only non-elected candidate remaining. ASUCD President Rebecca Sterling ultimately appointed Carly Sandstrom to fill the remainder of Yara Zokaie's term.