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Winter 2006 ASUCD Election

Michael A. Molnar Ignite 362
Marvin Zamora LEAD 333
Naomi Amaha LEAD 293
Ravi Deepak LEAD 279
Andrew Bianchi LEAD 263
Dwaimy Rosas-Romero LEAD 263
George Ajlouny Student Focus 230
Jarvis "MacGyver" Burston LEAD 203
Kevin "K. Rob" Roberts Student Focus 177
Rawi "Bigger" Nanakul Independent 131
Joshua Lenhof Ignite 105
Alex Vahdat Independent 86
Mo Li Independent 84
Jeremy Ross Independent 60
Turnout Information
Total Valid Votes: 2869
Total Abstained Votes:
Total Voters (Turnout):
President & Vice-President
Darnell Holloway & Genna Carnes LEAD 1781
Chris Herold & Parisa Manteghi Student Focus 957
Turnout Information
Total Valid Votes: 2738
Total Abstained Votes:
Total Voters (Turnout):

Ballot Measures2
Constitutional Amendment 9 ? ? ? Passes ?


1Note: Here is the breakdown for how each voting bloc ended up being represented in the Senate:

  • LEAD gained 57.0% of first round votes and 66.7% of the Senate seats.
  • Student Focus gained 14.2% of first round votes and 16.7% of the Senate seats.
  • Ignite gained 16.3% of first round votes and 16.7% of the Senate seats.
  • Independents gained 12.6% of the first round votes and 0% of the Senate seats.

Given the first round votes, one might have expected an Independent gaining one seat and LEAD getting 3 instead of 4 seats. However, despite the fact that the Independent candidates had a similar vote total to the Ignite and Student Focus candidates, there were four Independents splitting that vote instead of 2 for Student Focus and 2 for Ignite. There was not a strong Independent candidate in this election either, so the Independent votes were fairly evenly split, causing all of the Independent candidates to start with low first round vote totals and being eliminated early. Perhaps more significant than all of that, when looking at the round by round results, we can also see that the Independent voting bloc is far less pronounced in this election compared with other elections. When an Independent candidate is eliminated we do not see their votes transfer to other Independent candidates in any greater percentage than they transfer to the non-Independent candidates. This prevented the strongest Independent candidate, Rawi Nanakul, from moving up during the election rounds. In fact, Rawi Nanakul gained only 31.4 votes after four eliminations (three Independents and one Ignite) and one election (Ignite).

2Note: I do not have any results information for this ballot measure, other than knowing it passed by a large margin.