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Fall 2002 ASUCD Election

1 Caleb Hervey LEAD 3873
2 Go Funai LEAD 3415
3 Lydiana Alfaro LEAD 2975
4 Faranak Kamangar UNITE 2852
5 Gina Lee UNITE 2852
6 Kelly Brewer UNITE 2809
-----(the top 6 were elected)-----
7 Nathan Thomas LEAD 2780
8 Lee Weissmann UNITE 2696
9 Wileen Rungsiridacha LEAD 2651
10 Ashkun Zaker UNITE 2636
11 Victor Mezhvinsky UNITE 2435
12 Janet Favela LEAD 2196
13 Kris Fricke Independent 2142
Turnout Information
Total Valid Votes: 36312
Total Unused Votes: 15090
Total Voters (Turnout): 8567+
Ballot Measures
Campus Expansion Initiative (Part A) 4638 3929 0? Passes 8567
Campus Expansion Initiative (Part B) 5874 2473 220? Passes 8347

This election had record high turnout because of the Campus Expansion Initiative. I believe the undergraduate/ASUCD turnout was 8567 or slighty more. If you look at the results you will see the "Total Number of Voters" as 9657 but that number appears to include at least 842 graduate students and other non-undergraduate/ASUCD voters. As such, I use 8567 as the approximate turnout for this election as it is the highest number listed. (I mention that it may be higher because some voters did not vote on both Part A and Part B, thus the discrepancy in Total Votes. At least 220 people voted on Part A but not Part B. However, I suspect the number of people who voted on Part B but not Part A is much lower than 220 because Part A was the more significant/controversial issue, as evident by the closer result.)

There were 8567+ voters with 6 votes each for a total of 51,402+ possible votes. There were 36,312 actual votes cast (~70.6%).

As far as I know, this is a complete list of candidates. The information is taken from this document.

Here is the breakdown for how each voting bloc ended up being represented in the Senate:

  • LEAD gained 49.3% of votes cast and 50% of the Senate seats. (17890)
  • UNITE gained 44.8% of votes cast and 50% of the Senate seats. (16280)
  • Independents gained 5.9% of votes cast and 0% of the Senate seats. (2142)